That's New York For Ya

Honestly, I didn't think my landlord had a prayer of re-renting my place out at the price he was asking, which was almost $2,200 a month for a 4th-floor walkup with no doorman. Granted, this place is pretty big for a one bedroom, but I thought anyone with $2,200 a month to spend would rather put that sum toward a place with a bit more in the way of building services. Last night, I came home to a voice mail from the landlord that said the apartment had been rented as of September 1, so I couldn't change my mind in terms of moving out.

Geez, can you believe what people will pay for places in NYC? It should be noted that the next tenant will be moving in while the RNC is here in town, which will likely be a large pain in the ass. This place is also 4 1/2 crosstown blocks from the nearest subway, which is another bigtime inconvenience for anyone looking to commute within Manhattan.

Movers are showing up on the 20th to take me back to Wading River. I suppose I'll miss it here, but when we start making a bit more money with Underscore, I'll likely look for a new place.

Things I'll miss about this apartment

  1. Carl Schurz Park
  2. 86th Street shopping - Best Buy, Circuit City AND P.C. Richard within walking distance
  3. Proximity to the Triborough and easy access to Long Island
  4. My cool neighbors - Flavia, Sergei and Ellen

Things I won't miss about this apartment

  1. Useless super who can't be bothered to keep an extra plug fuse around
  2. Do-it-yourself plumbing and the tub wasteline that constantly backs up
  3. The guy upstairs regularly flooding my apartment when he forgets to turn his tub off and it overflows
  4. My uncool neighbors, like the crazy woman downstairs who always complains about my creaky floorboards, and the aforementioned idiot who causes floods.