Chicago Is My Kinda Town, Especially at $130 a Night

The view from my hotel suite

So I made it into Chicago last night, pretty much without incident. (I'm running a panel today about behavioral marketing for the Chicago Internet Marketing Association.) I arrived at Hotel 71, a hotel that was recommended to me, pretty late last night to find out that it was one of those ultra-swanky places. I had my usual air travel garb on (Allman Brother T-shirt, jean shorts, sneakers without socks) and looked a bit underdressed as women slinked by in cocktail dresses and whatnot. Anyway, I went to the check in desk and told them I had reserved a room through The woman at the desk told me my room was unavailable.

As I was about to launch into my best Noo Yawka "What the F--K?" speech, she asked me if I would be interested in upgrading to a suite at no charge. Next thing you know, I go up to the 15th floor and check into a room that's easily twice (probably 3X) the size of my NYC apartment. It's got a huge bedroom, cavernous lounge area, a walk-in closet and a massive bathroom. (And yes, there's a phone in the can for the busy executive who needs to cut deals while he's doing a #2.) All of this for $130/night.

The photo on the left is the river view from the suite. Nice, huh?