Why Don't I Dig Margaret Cho?

Okay, so nearly every popular left-leaning political blog has a link to Margaret Cho's blog. Time and again I've gone there looking for something thought provoking or cool and have been disappointed. Today, I was catching up on Atrios and saw the link there in his navbar. I thought to myself, "Well, maybe just one more peek" and clicked. Then I came across this piece of drivel:

This presidential race is the biggest dick contest in history. "Your dick is indecisive!" "Your dick started an unnecessary war!" "Your dick didn't get injured enough in Vietnam!" "Your dick didn't even go to Vietnam!" "Your dick is soft on terrorism!" "Your dick started terrorism!" "Your dick blamed Vietnam vets for atrocities that made all vets unable to come home to a hero's welcome." "Your dick forged its way out of military service!" Has this kind of dick waggling happened before outside of a pro- wrestling context?

Not only does this not make any sense, but the bit is flagrantly ripped off from George Carlin, who did manage to make it funny. (e.g. "What?! They have bigger dicks?!?! BOMB THEM!!!")

Nope. I still don't get Margaret Cho.