Malkin's Going Batshit Again


So Michelle Malkin is worried about how a school district in Muskegon County, Michigan is putting on an anti-terrorism drill and simulating an attack by a fake terrorist organization known as Wackos Against Schools and Education. The folks who made up this fictitious organization described them as people who believe everybody should be home-schooled. Malkin gets her panties all in a bunch because she thinks this is an attempt "to enforce anti-homeschooling bigotry under the guise of preparing for terrorism."

And now, under the guise of preparing students for a violent terrorist attack, educators in one public school district are casting homeschoolers in the role of bomb-detonating militants.

If this gets Malkin's claws out, imagine how wiggy she'll get when she figures out that the guise of preparing people for terrorism is being used to...

  • Deprive people of their civil liberties (Patriot Act)
  • Invade nations that had nothing to do with the 9-11 attacks (Iraq)
  • Keep people from criticizing the president, his administration and his policies ("Free Speech Zones")
  • Detain people indefinitely without evidence or due process (Gitmo, etc.)
  • Keep Americans living within a culture of fear (Tom Ridge and his color-coded weapons of mass distraction)
  • Etc., etc. etc.
  • Oh, yeah. There's that Cat Stevens thing too.

Michelle Malkin, if you think the use of terror drills to smear the home schooling movement is the best topic for a column in light of everything I've just described, we can't help you. Perhaps you could avail yourself of a home tutor?