I've just received what has to be my 86th Non Disclosure Agreement this month. Seems like anybody that wants to set up a meeting to discuss anything remotely important needs to have an NDA in place. My theory is that no one ever reads the damned things.

On one of their early tours, Van Halen inserted a contract rider into their agreements with concert venues that called for a certain quantity of M&Ms to be placed backstage for the band. The tricky thing was that all of the brown ones needed to be removed. David Lee Roth told an interviewer that the clause was put there just to be sure that the promoters were actually reading the riders.

See where I'm heading with this? Eric wants the clause to call for 27 pounds of shelled M&Ms in the case of any action brought against the company, bolstering his argument with the fact that M&Ms are much harder to peel than sort by color.