I Got My Baby Back

It's back.

The Corvette is back. Almost a week in the shop to fix all the crap that was wrong with it. GM fixed the steering column lockup problem, which was an electronic defect covered by a recall that no one mailed me about. But then there was the problem of the leaking rear differential. Someone tell me why a car with less than 37,000 miles is having drivetrain problems like this. The mechanic at the dealership told me he had a Corvette in last week with the same problem. Corvettes have rear-mounted transmissions right next to the rear diff, so getting to the leaky seal in the differential, replacing it and putting it all back together racked up 10 hours worth of labor.

Add in replacing the PCV and fuel filter, patching a screw hole in the right rear tire and balancing all four tires and I was looking at about $1,300.

I will ease the pain of this financial setback by flooring it on my way home from work tonight.