Top 10 Signs the Internet Ad Business is coming back

  1. You haven't been to FuckedCompany in three months
  2. The phones are ringing - and it's not your fellow media execs looking for gigs
  3. You have an integrated communications meeting at the client, and the client doesn't leave during the Internet part of the presentation
  4. Portal reps reinstitute buy minimums
  5. You're getting unsolicited job offers from companies you've never heard of again
  6. Your company downgrades its dress code again - from business attire M-Th and business casual on Fridays to casual M-Th and "slovenly" on Fridays
  7. You mention Internet advertising as a supplemental reach vehicle at a client meeting and nobody laughs
  8. Your assistant planner just got hired away, taking a gig as EVP of Business Development for an Internet startup
  9. Drinks after work celebrate new client wins, not surviving another round of layoffs
  10. Your media supe just set a new record for "Most consecutive days dining at Nobu"