You Call THAT Customer Service?

Just a couple weeks after taking my car in for MAJOR service, I turned the key on Tuesday morning and was greeted by nothing but a series of electronic-sounding clicks. My battery was clearly dead. I knew I hadn't left any lights on the night before, so that couldn't have been it. I didn't have time to deal with it, so I borrowed my Mom's car and came home early from work yesterday to deal with the problem.

Popping the hood last night, I found some interesting things. My car's battery had been replaced with some old crusty AC/Delco job that clearly wasn't the stock battery. A new battery terminal was sitting in the engine compartment, rattling around near my air vents. Something was rotten in Denmark.

I pulled the crusty battery and headed out to the auto parts place in Riverhead to get a new battery. Sure enough, I put the new battery in and everything started right up.

That is the absolute LAST time I take my car to Hustedt Chevrolet. Those guys can screw off as far as I'm concerned. Since some cybersquatter guy obviously had a bad experience with them, I'll link to the non-fan site: Hustedt Chevrolet.