The RFID Indoctrination Starts Now

"It's too Big Brother for me," said Kenneth Haines, a 15-year-old ninth grader who is on the football and debate teams. "Something about the school wanting to know the exact place and time makes me feel kind of like an animal."

Young Mr. Haines is describing his participation in a pilot program at his school in Texas to test RFID's ability to track the movements of schoolchildren.

The lazier we are about safeguarding our children's safety, the more parents are going to sacrifice privacy, trust and responsibility. While I'm not usually a fan of "slippery slope" arguments, how long before the government points to this program to justify some other use of RFID?

I wonder how long it will be before it becomes mandatory to accept an RFID-enabled pass to get on a city bus? Or to enter a government building? I wonder how long it will be before the technology becomes ubiquitous and corporations and the government start using the data for more nefarious purposes. Shouldn't be too long now...

Advocates of the technology said they did not plan to go that far. But, they said, they do see broader possibilities, such as implanting RFID tags under the skin of children to avoid problems with lost or forgotten tags.

Umm... If anybody needs me, I'll be in an undisclosed location outside of the country. Bye.