Help Stop Insane Proposed NYC Bike Law

Rick Bruner e-mailed me this morning to call my attention to a new proposed law that would require licenses for all New York City cyclists over the age of 16. Failing to get a license would mean that anyone caught without one would be subject to fines of $100-$300, imprisonment (up to 15 days in jail), plus police can impound the bike.

I've written in the past about how New York City is incredibly unfriendly to alternate forms of transportation. Anything gasoline- or electric-powered that isn't an automobile or motorcycle is illegal, by virtue of the fact that these vehicles need to be registered as motor vehicles, but the DMV will do no such thing. So you can't legally ride electric or gas scooters. Now some crazy councilwoman, Madeline Provenzano, wants to further discourage alternative transportation by requiring $25 registration fees and license tags for all bicycles ridden in the city.

If you're as pissed as I am, you can send a fax to Provenzano. Please do so.