Slipped Off The Radar

From the DailyKos Diaries...

It's three weeks after the election. And a number of issues have literally disappeared off the face of the map. When I created the first post of this series, I listed what I thought were pressing issues that still needed addressing, election or not. As a whole these issues still have not been adequately addressed. We're still looking for answers. Especially now that the Bush administration thinks they've gotten a "mandate" and therefore will be immune to questioning, we need to turn the heat up. So, in the interest of keeping things top of mind, I'm doing a periodic recap at election plus x days (E+x). Let's take a little survey of the landscape at E+21.

The post goes on to list eight issues that seem to have been swept under the rug. The first three are the ones I'm really keyed up about:

  • Missing Explosives - We still don't have answers on this one. Before the election, the administration was in a pickle, confronted with evidence that the explosives had gone missing on its watch. Where did this one go?
  • Halliburton - No one really cares about the cronyism anymore, huh?
  • North Korean Nukes - The situation is still frozen until more concessions are made on our side - not the situation we want to be in. Had we not stretched our troops thin by going into Iraq, this is one situation in which I would likely support multilateral action with the U.S. at the forefront, leading the charge. We're in the unenviable situation of being the country that rogue nations look to extort money and benefits from when these nations edge closer to nuclear capability. That's why Kim Jong Il wants the U.S. to come to the table directly and has been stonewalling on the six-party talks. How long do we let this one go ignored?

Perhaps it's because we've put so much heart and soul into the election and we're running low on energy and enthusiasm as a result, but the voice of dissent in this country has quieted a bit. We can't forget about this stuff and let the administration and the mainstream press sweep it under the carpet.