Johnny Mathis - Harbinger of Doom

This is why I didn't want to get out of bed this morning... Clock Radio goes off at 5 AM.

You are listening to Clear Channel's WALK-FM.

It's 50 degrees, rainy and gusty.

Here's Johnny Mathis.

[Johnny Mathis starts singing Christmas music]

I tapped snooze. WALK is the lamest "lite hits" station in the world. But since I snapped the antenna off my ancient clock radio, it's the only station that comes in clearly. And I need to wake up to the radio - for some reason, static or the alarm setting won't wake me up.

And, of course, Murphy's Law kicked in as soon as I got dressed for work. I left my rainjacket somewhere and couldn't find it, so I'm wearing a leather bomber jacket that's too small for me. As soon as I arrive at the train station, I exit my car and a wind gust turns my umbrella inside out, knocks my coffee out of my hand and sends my brand-new copy of Tom Wolfe's I Am Charlotte Simmons flying out of my hand and into a puddle.

Not a great start. Hopefully karma will fall back into balance this afternoon.