Broke away for a few hours on Sunday to do some skeet shooting with Craig, Dennis and Rob. This is becoming a fairly regular ritual. A while ago, we got a trap from the local sporting goods store, but the legs of the base proved too flimsy to handle the torque of the thrower, so Dennis took the destroyed legs off of it and welded the launcher to an old tire. Works great now.

Dennis bought a new Mossberg, same as Craig's. I'm still sticking with my Winchester automatic. We stocked up on clay targets at the range's store, and Wal-Mart is still selling the Federal and Winchester target rounds very cheap. All in all, I'd say we went through 2 1/2 boxes of targets between the four of us.

Craig was off for most of the day. Dennis was looking good, hitting the overwhelming majority of his doubles. I'd never been shooting with Rob before, but his Daddy obviously taught him right. He's got a great stance, terrific technique and he follows all safety precautions to a T. I did well, starting off slow but I was hitting all my doubles by the end of the day.

One of these days, I'd like to get a trap that can throw birds and rabbits simultaneously. They're not very expensive, but you get burned on the shipping because the sit-down models weigh so much.

We may start looking into some club memberships in the area. I'd like to do some pheasant or quail hunting at some point.