Coolest. Spam. Ever.

Obviously, I hate spam in all its forms, but if more spam could be like this, I'd not complain about it so much... Last night, I was not feeling well, but needed something to do to pass the time, so I logged on to Yahoo! Games and played some Texas Hold 'Em for a bit. I was playing at a fairly busy table and noticed that when a seat became available, somebody named "partypokermgr" sat down at the table briefly, offered up a redemption code for some free cash at the Party Poker site, and then left.

Odds are, someone at Party Poker wrote a script for this. (I doubt they're paying people to do this manually...) But I thought it was a rather innovative way to spam chat rooms, especially in a place where 100% of the participants fell into Party Poker's target audience. Party Poker is a client of my buddies at Earthquake Media - did you guys come up with this one?