Feeding the Trolls

Here's a gem from my comments:

What an amazing drone you are. Guess you don't mind if it's your plane. Guess it doesn't strike you that this seems to be happening all of a sudden, while laser pointers have been around for quite a while. Guess you voted for Kerry, and are looking for any way to strike out at those darn patriotic Americans who want to protect themselves from terrorists.

"Patriotic Americans" don't let the press get away with an overblown story, which is precisely what this laser pointer BS is. To have even a remote chance at bringing a plane down, one would have to fire a laser - and not just a laser pointer, but a commercial laser with extended range - through a cockpit, directly into the eyes of both the pilot and co-pilot. On top of that, in the highly unlikely event that both pilot and co-pilot are blinded by the laser, they'd have to be in the middle of a manual landing for serious problems to occur that might result in a crash.

My point? There are more reliable ways for terrorists to bring down an airplane. No terrorist is going to rely on this ineffective strategy to cause an airplane crash when they could buy weapons or explosives. Have we caught any members of Al Qaeda using this method to cause plane crashes? No. It's some idiot. In New Jersey. Playing with his daughter. Admittedly, he was doing something both illegal and stupid, but he's no terrorist. Yet, the press keeps hyping this thing as if there are terrorists all over the place trying to bring planes down with laser pointers.

Let's go back and see what you were saying in Nov, YUP, quoting that self-admitted source of lies and propaganda, the daily Kos, and oh, here is this gem titled 'to those who would not think': "John Kerry didn't send thousands of people to their deaths in Iraq to satisfy his personal bloodlust. Who would think that a comparison of the candidates' moral values would lead people to come to the conclusion that they prefer Bush's morals to Kerry's?

But that's exactly what happened. And ironically, many voters who chose to identify with the moral values of George Bush did so without an ounce of moral thought. What we've witnessed in the 2004 general election is the triumph of feelings over facts."

Great stuff, except that it was you and the other less-than half of America that forgot what morals were about. It IS about going into Iraq and saving those who are being exterminated by their islamo-fascist leader. It is not about lying and distorting the facts, over-and-over, it is not about accepting millions in donations from George 'offshore' Soros, who as I write today is financing Iran's propaganda effort. It is not about buying every lie that rolls out of Michael Moore's lips.

Forgot what morals were about? Nah. You're kidding yourself.

Today on the radio, I heard about how the Bush Administration abandoned its search for WMDs in Iraq last month. And what have they found? Precisely squat. Yet, the presence of WMDs was what the Bush Administration used to justify the war. Remember when Colin Powell gave his wonderful speech about mobile weapons factories and other sites in Iraq that he was positive were storage facilities for WMDs? Well, that turned out to be bullshit. And this line about "saving those who are being exterminated by their islamo-fascist leader" is total crapola. The notion of liberating the Iraqi people didn't become a justification for the war until it became clear to the Bush Administration that the WMDs would never be found. What of oppressive regimes around the world that the Bush Administration routinely ignores or tolerates? Are those people worth less to us than the Iraqis?

Whose morality is really in question here?

And here you are still spouting Anti-Americanism, months later. Dude, I am embarrased to share NYC with you. Go to Canada, or France, and undermine their security efforts, why don't you.

In Disgust, X

Anti-Americanism? I love how you right-wing fascists use that broad brush to paint anyone who questions the moral direction of the current administration. We have a moral duty to question the decisions made by our leaders. I'd argue that anyone who refuses to think and immediately swallows whatever justifications the government offers up without question (much like yourself) is Anti-American.

So I'd urge you to think about how the adminstration, which led us into a pre-emptive strike under false pretenses, can justify its ethical direction.

And yes, I did vote for John Kerry.