New Camera


Some gambling winnings, combined with a couple hundred bucks I got from cashing in my change at the CoinStar machine on Sunday, funded the purchase of a new camera. Best Buy was running a special on the Sony DSC-T1, which is a camera I've wanted for a while. Several months ago, my Sony DSC-S70 somehow managed to get crushed in my luggage, and I've been without a digital camera since (unless you count the piece of garbage built into my Treo). The DSC-S70 was a great camera and had been through a lot of abuse, including being jostled around in my ride-along bag on my quad for many a trail ride. I was really satisfied with it.

Love the new camera. It takes really nice photos, including this one of Sara. (I have a high-res version that looks terrific.) My only issue is that nothing from the DSC-S70 is compatible with the DSC-T1. I have a few Memory Sticks from the S70 that I could have used. Instead, I found myself having to buy a 256MB Memory Stick Pro Duo to use with the T1. Same goes for batteries - I had a spare battery for the S70 and now I have two batteries I don't need.

Some plusses of the T1 - First, I like how the camera is ready to shoot once you flick the lens cover on the front down. No missed shots waiting for the camera to "boot" like I did with the S70. Secondly, I love how small it is. With the S70, I found myself not taking a lot of pictures unless I was on vacation or something and remembered to take my camera bag along. The T1 can easily fit in a pocket, so I'm more likely to take it with me and actually take some pics.

It's a beautiful, sunny day in NYC. Might be a good day to go on a mini photo expedition at lunch...