Sick Again

Spent all of today in my PJs, trying to get rest but inevitably failing to keep away from my computer. I'm never going to shake this cold. My day looked like this: * Rest * Check e-mail. Delete porn/gambling/boner pill spam. Decide to de-spam blog. Delete same from blog comments/trackbacks. * Nap. Wake myself up with massive coughing fit. * Return messages on office voice mail. Wonder how 12 messages can accumulate in 2 hours. * Send sis to store for cold medicine and cough drops. * Rest. Fall asleep reading lame Dean Koontz book because it's the only thing even remotely interesting to read in the house. * Deal with weird-ass adserving glitch. * Make frozen chicken patties on the George Foreman Grill. Consume massive quantities of water to try to flush nasty bug from system. Eat a Clementine for the Vitamin C. * Craft new business proposal. * Play Counter Strike: Source for an hour because I can't sleep but I don't want to work anymore. * De-spam blog again. * Take massive overdose of NyQuil. Go to bed.

Going to try to make it to the office tomorrow.