Comment Spam Observations

Among the boner pill, Canadian pharma and porn comment spam this week, a couple stuck out like sore thumbs... NetFlix and McDonald's.

I'm not asserting that either of these two entities are responsible for spamming. However, if they did hire an unethical SEO firm or commit a blind buy or two, this is exactly how it would manifest.

It occurred to me that most of my comment and Trackback spam links to garbage domains that either host co-reg forms or redirect links to affiliate sites. Why wouldn't somebody go after the owners of those domains and try to synch up their IP addresses with the IP addresses of the incoming requests to the web servers of those domains, in order to build a case for shutting them down? Seems to me that if you can take out these garbage domains fast enough, the spammers lose their ability to collect affiliate commissions and such, thus ruining the economic incentive.

Good idea? Bad idea?