Radioactive Zombies, Beware!

Sunday shooting got a heck of a lot better this week. Craig, Dennis, Dan and I had our Sunday at the range, and everyone seemed to be shooting a lot better than they have in the past. Dan hasn't shot in years and he's already right back into the swing of things. We threw some rabbits with the new thrower for the first time. There's still a thin coating of ice and snow on the ground at the range, so the clays were slowed down significantly once they hit the ground. I can't wait for the snow to melt so we can see how far and fast we can throw rabbits with it.

Dan and I had a little stint where we were alternating triples. We both managed to hit five sets of triples in a row.

While honing our skills for the day when the radioactive zombies descend on our homeland to eat our brains and steal our precious bodily fluids, we talked about all sorts of other stuff, including the piece I sent Dan last week about crackdowns on blogs and political speech. He was bringing up a bunch of stuff about the other provisions of McCain-Feingold that are ridiculous on their face.

I need this on Sundays, just to clear my head and de-stress.