More White Stuff

"It's not going to stick..."

It's 43 degrees on my way to work this morning, and the weather guy on 1010 says we're going to get some sleety/slushy/snowy mess this afternoon, "but it's not going to stick." And, of course, it starts snowing like crazy here at around 11 AM. I went out to grab lunch and came back looking like a snowman. I'm now looking out the window and thinking, "Not going to stick my ass..."

Not only does this make me think we're going to get some accumulation, but also that Geocaching this weekend is going to impossible. We needed to have a couple days of above-freezing temperatures to get rid of the rest of the snow from the last storm. Now we've got some more fresh snow today.

Sure enough, I just checked and guess what the forecast for the weekend includes? Yep, more snow.

And it's not even like I can take a day off and go quadding. We're right in the middle of planning for Claritin and the A+D plan just got approved, not to mention Claria and the MathWorks are about to go into serious planning. On top of that, my client at Spring-O'Brien is heading off to Europe for a week and will be giving a major presentation to the Eurail client. Busy, busy, busy.

Oh, and my quad's ball joints are really worn and are ready to snap - not something you want to happen in the middle of a snowy trail, so taking the Cannondale out is pretty much out of the question.