From The NY Auto Show


At the auto show this weekend, I saw an interesting new concept from Toyota. This little pod basically behaves like a Segway in most applications, sort of "transforming" into an upright mobile scooter at the touch of a button. In the mode in which it's pictured, it can cruise down highways as well.

Folks in the audience loved it, although the most common comments circulating around the floor were along the lines of "Gee, how much lazier can we get?"

According to the booth babe who did the demonstration, the vehicle can go "anywhere a person can go," which means that it's entirely possible you'll see these things cruising around your neighborhood supermarket in 2015. No parking or nothing - just hop outside and hit the "high speed" button that transforms the vehicle into a sit-down rider and you're off.

I agree - how much lazier can we get?