The April Fool's Joke That Wasn't

Came in this morning to find my laptop continually trying to boot from the network. This was odd, but I thought somebody might be trying to pull an April Fool's prank on me. So I checked out the BIOS and found out that the machine wasn't recognizing the hard drive. I shut the machine down and pulled the drive - didn't seem overheated or anything like that. So I put it back in.

Rebooted the machine and heard this godawful noise ("GRRRRRRRRNT!"). Yep, the hard drive went on April Fool's Day.

And, of course, there's some recent e-mail and files that weren't backed up to the server yet. So I went over to a recovery place this morning. They're promising to call me back by 3 PM with a status update.

Meanwhile, I'm working here at the office on a spare machine, getting my e-mail through a pain-in-the-ass web interface and trying to remember what exactly I needed to do today at 2PM. (I think I had an appointment scheduled, but I'm not sure.)

Technology sucks.