I'm Ambidextrous!

Even though I'm predominantly a righty, there are certain things I can do left-handed or ambidextrously. For instance, I ride a skateboard or surfboard left-handed. My Dad tried to make a switch-hitter out of me when I was a little kid, but I remember it felt really weird to bat left-handed in baseball and I really wasn't able to do it well. On Sunday, I figured out that shooting is on the list of stuff I can do from both sides of the plate. Dan recently got a new shotgun in a left-handed model, so I tried shooting it lefty to avoid having the shells eject across my face. Turns out that after a few tries, I got the hang of it and can now hit triples without too much difficulty.

So when Dan and I were shooting Sunday afternoon, I was switching it up quite a bit and trying to hit targets from both right- and left-handed stances. Why? I dunno - maybe it'll prep me for the day when the radioactive zombies gnaw my right arm off and I have to fend for myself with my left. Who knows?