Where Did My Weekend Go?

We all hate it when there's gorgeous weather during the week and crummy weather during the subsequent weekend. Somehow, I managed to be productive on Saturday. It was raining cats and dogs, but I set myself up in the garage so I could saw some plywood. We needed some additional storage space up in the attic, so I resolved to cut some plywood to cover some of the rafters up there. The only access to the attic is a 2.5' X 2.5' hatch in the top of my mom's closet, so I had to cut 4' X 8' sheets of plywood in half lengthwise to get them up there. Once I had about 8 pieces up there, I took down an ancient TV antenna we had suspended from the rafters on one side of the attic - It hadn't been used since the pre-cable TV days. Then I hammered down some of the sheets to create a floor up there we can put some boxes and plastic bags on.

The crummy weather continued into Sunday morning, which affected our plans for the usual Sunday morning skeet shoot. But the rain stopped around 10:30 AM, so Craig, Dan, Jeff and I went to the Yankee game.

It was a terrific game, with the Yankees beating Texas by a score of 11-1. Afterward, we went to Frank's Steaks in Jericho for some eats.

It was a great weekend considering the crummy weather. But every Monday morning, I find myself back in the office wondering where my weekend went.