Falling in Love with The Discovery Times Channel

Good stuff on DTC lately, especially full-hour overviews of issues surrounding North Korea and Saudi Arabia. Couldn't finish up watching the North Korea episode last night, as I was tired, but I noticed that the show narrator stated that George Bush considers any attempt to have talks before NK's nuclear disarmament to be tantamount to blackmail. Does that seem a bit unrealistic to you? It's not as if Kim Jong Il is going to say, "Sure, we'll take apart the nukes we've built so Dubya will return my phone calls..."

Ignoring the situation just escalates things. Didn't we just invade a nation under the pretense of a possible threat due to weapons of mass destruction? And we didn't even have proof. Now here's the biggest totalitarian dictatorship in the world claiming to have its own nuclear arsenal and we ignore them? Makes no sense to me.