Plusses, Minuses

Minus - Newsday didn't print my letter, even though I called them to verify I was the author. Interesting that they printed a letter I wrote several years ago about Rick Shalvoy rowing his way around Long Island for breast cancer, which was just about as inoffensive as they get, but when a letter is critical of Newsday's reporting, evidently they sit in "under consideration" limbo. Plus - It doesn't matter. I've been telling folks I know in person and lots of people have been reading the blog entry.

Minus - We've had some recent budget cuts by clients, which will likely cut back the billable hours and media commissions we earn this year.

Plus - Three new potential clients have stepped up this week, and it looks as if we'll replace the lost revenue (and then some).

Minus - Sara didn't catch any fish surfcasting off the Shinnecock Inlet this weekend.

Plus - I caught three bluefish, and Sara managed to land a few freshwater perch when we took a rowboat out on the pond at Sears-Bellows on Monday.

Minus - Someone nailed my car in the parking lot at the train station a couple weeks ago.

Plus - He was really cool about it and sent me a check right away to cover the damages.