Getting Up Early

Since I'm getting up so early during the week to get to work on time, my sleep cycle really doesn't permit me to sleep late on weekends. I've found that, especially during the summer, there's half a day to be enjoyed before most people get out of bed. Friday night, I picked up my car at the dealership after it they fixed the alarm system so that the car would actually start with the key. I cooked some dinner when I got back and then turned in early.

I was up at 5 AM on Saturday, made breakfast and coffee and hit the beach by 6:30 AM. I caught two striped bass during a two-hour stint surfcasting, but both fish were waaaaay too small to qualify as "keepers." Still, there was a lot of action down by the beach, even if it was mostly from nibbling sea robins.

Upon getting back to the house, I used some scrap wood from around the property to build a log stacker for some firewood we've been stockpiling in the back yard, and I stacked a good deal of firewood up near the back corner of our property near the rose garden. After that, I went for a quick swim and then put the Corvette up on ramps and changed the oil. I then spent a couple hours washing the car, stripping all the old wax, tree sap and bugs off of it and giving it a fresh coat of wax.

I went for another swim, did some odd jobs around the house and then hit the beach again with Dennis. This time, we caught the tail end of the high tide and nothing was biting. Dennis got a couple sea robins, but nothing was biting for me. After fishing, I turned in early and watched "National Treasure" on the movies-on-demand thing.

At 7:30 Sunday morning, we were loading up Craig's truck to go to the range. We had breakfast at the diner on Main Street in Riverhead and then headed to the range for a couple hours. We set up our launcher behind some barrels so that shooters couldn't see where the targets were coming from, or how many would be thrown, and this presented a nice, new challenge.

After shooting, Craig showed me how to change the ball joints on my quad, which took a couple hours because I'm not mechanically inclined like he is. But we got the ball joints changed and I took a ride for about half an hour on the trails North of North Country Road.

After that, I went home for a bit and relaxed and then headed over to my grandfather's house in Cutchogue for Father's Day dinner. Tried to call my Dad, but unfortunately didn't get in touch with him. I came home at around 10 and went straight to bed.

There's a lot of living you can cram into a day if you wake up early. The sun is up really early in the summer, so if you're up with the sun there's plenty of time to get to all the things you want to do and all the errands you need to run.