Comment Spam Update

It seems I'm going to have to try something new. My MT-Moderate plugin keeps 98% of the comment and trackback spam off my site, but each comment/trackback that gets caught in the moderation queue still needs to be manually deleted. Given that I get hundreds of comment spams a day, staying on top of moderation can be a big pain in the ass. Time to look for another plugin. Far and away, the top comment spam category is pharmaceuticals. I probably delete 10 Tramadol spams for every one porn spam. Here are the top categories:

1) Pharmaceuticals (including Viagra, etc.) 2) Online gambling 3) Porn 4) Unknown affiliate programs 5) Other (including indecipherable comments from countries with Cyrillic alphabets).

Interestingly, the online gambling spam seems to come through Trackback more than through comments. And they always come through 10 at a time. Once you get that first e-mail notification of a posted Trackback, you always know there will be nine more following it in lockstep. Weird.