London Terror Bombings - A Reaction

I'm so shaken up by the latest round of terrorist attacks, and there's so much emotion... The best counter-terrorism intelligence and operations can't keep us 100 percent safe, and I'm mindful of keeping expectations real, but for there to be an Al-Qaeda cell operating in the London area that was able to pull off such a coordinated attack - that's just scary as hell.

I'm exceptionally mad, too. Although my expectations are not of 100 percent safety, I'm somewhat angered that our administration still thinks that the war in Iraq is keeping us safe - you know, the whole "fight terrorists abroad so we don't have to fight them here" thing. If we've made so much progress against Al-Qaeda, how can there be a cell of significant size and capability operating in London? We should be re-evaluating tactics.

Mostly, though, I'm saddened by the loss of life. My prayers go out to those affected. It's just terrible, and I'm still shocked that there are people in the world willing to do this to make a political point.