Podcasting Update #2

Well, we recorded a podcast last night - about 40 minutes of pure delight. I was worried about running out of recording room, but Audacity said I could have talked for another 78 hours if I had wanted to. Great stuff. Unfortunately, we had some difficulty with the signal level of one of the microphones, and it resulted in one person's levels coming out much lower than everybody else's. Selectively amplifying her voice has resulted in a lot of noise.

I've emphasized that last night's recording was simply a trial run, to give us an understanding of how long it takes to put a podcast together, get me familiar with the editing software, and basically find out how much time and effort it would take to put together a regular weekly offering. Had we not had the level problem, editing this thing down and adding effects, music, etc. would have taken less than a half hour. So I think it's worth it.

If I can turn last night's recording into something that doesn't sound horrible, I'll post a link here. Stay tuned.