The FCC's Ongoing Crusade

I feel so much safer now that the FCC is crusading to clean up the nation's airwaves. If not the Federal Government, then who will protect us from radio waves forcibly broadcasting themselves into the sanctity of my home? Furthermore, who will help me compensate for my seeming inability to use the fingers God gave me to change the station?

Seriously, though, this has gone far enough. Doesn't it seem silly to you that a federal agency is enforcing its own code of decency? Particularly when it's pretty well established that different communities have differing standards with regard to indecency?

Of course, we wouldn't know that these days, with Clear Channel and other media conglomerates homogenizing radio. When are we going to learn that in media where bandwidth is limited, letting one company control a wide swath of broadcast spectrum in many markets is a bad idea?