New Project


We've been trying to empty stuff out of the basement at the house to have more room for storage. There's a bunch of plumbing stuff down there that isn't used any more, including the tank for our old water softener, some stuff from the well, and this old pump. The pump used to filter our hot tub that we yanked out when the contractor started work, so it's not being used for anything.

After watching our pool-cleaning guy a few weeks ago, I noticed he had a portable vacuum rig that basically used the same setup. So I pulled the pump out of the basement and built a little dolly for it. I got the scrap wood around the house and the plywood from out back behind the shed. I got the casters, screws, fittings and electric cord at Home Depot. Unfortunately, all I had time for this weekend was building the dolly, mounting the pump to it and putting the fittings on. Next weekend, I'll wire it up so it can be plugged into the outlet out back. I'll also run and get a vacuum head and 50 feet of flexible hose for it.

The fittings on there right now are just two 3/4" hose bibs, just so I can hook up two garden hoses to the pump and see what it puts out once I get it wired. Hopefully, all should work well and I can use this rig to vacuum the pool.