Baghdad Mayor Ousted by Shiite Militia

It's an armed coup! Armed men entered a Baghdad municipal building Monday, deposed Baghdad Mayor Alaa al-Tamimi, and installed a member of the Badr organization (the militia arm of the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq). al-Tamimi is in hiding, in fear of his life. He was originally appointed by Paul Bremer.

Major drivers behind this act? According to one of the people organizing the ouster of al-Tamimi, it has to do with distribution of oil revenue and economic factors, including Baghdad's budget allocations.

I don't suppose I need to point out that SCIRI wants Islamic law. One wonders if one "unintended consequence" of the war will be that we take a secular government and turn it into an Islamic one, with Islamic militants who might otherwise be considered terrorists in official government positions of authority. Wonderful.