Please Adopt My Sister's Dog

Someone please adopt my sister's dog, Madison. We are looking for a new home for Madison because my sister will be having her baby in November and we are worried that the dog might not get along with the baby, considering its need for attention.

Madison is a medium-sized, black dog with a white spot on her chest. I have no idea what kind of a mutt she is, but she looks like she has some Labrador in her. She is trained, however sometimes she will deliberately make a mess if she isn't getting enough attention, which is happening with increasing frequency lately since everyone in the family is busy preparing for baby's arrival.

If you are interested in adopting Madison, please leave me your e-mail address in comments, or e-mail me at I will bring the dog to you, provided you live within the NY/NJ/CT area. We'll also provide her crate, leash, collars, and all that stuff.

Unfortunately, if we cannot find a home for Madison soon, we will be forced to give her to a local shelter, as we can't risk her hurting the baby.