Advertising Week Rolls Along

Yesterday's OMMA East show went quite well. I was there for most of the day, first moderating a panel on Behavioral Marketing in the morning and then introducing myself around to new potential vendors and clients. I did not get a chance to get over to MIXX, unfortunately. The big talk of the show is how OMMA, MIXX and the iMedia Brand Summit are all head to head this year. I'm hearing a lot of bellyaching about people having to shuttle from one show to the other.

I'm about to head over to the Marriott Marquis again. Later in the day, me and the other Spinners have a panel that will close the show. Many folks are looking at this one as the panel "most likely to involve chair-throwing." Dave Smith will be moderating and he's the perfect guy to stand in the middle of five strong personalities to make sure we answer tough and interesting questions.

More on OMMA later.