Weekend Recap

I did have a good deal of work to do this weekend, but I needed some time to relax. Saturday was spent doing some minor chores around the house and then experiencing the Zen of car stereo installation. Last week, I opted to cash in some of the Membership Rewards points on our American Express account and I got a Sony CD player that was waaaaaaaay more expensive than anything I would buy with cold, hard cash. So I spent Saturday morning putting it in. Most of the time was spent trying to figure out how to get the factory radio out of the dash. No one seemed to have any info on this online, save for this site. I ended up paying $3.95 just to figure out how to get the dash off my truck. It was totally worth it, though... I was looking for bolts that didn't exist, and it would have taken me forever to figure out that most of the dash is held together with clips that need to be popped off. Once the factory radio was out, the job was easy, particularly after I went to Best Buy and bought an installation kit and wiring harness.

The new stereo sounds really, really nice. One other thing I did was to run a line to the Aux inputs on the back of the deck, so that I could plug my iPod into it directly. That's right - goodbye iTrip. Perhaps next weekend if I have time I'll upgrade the factory speakers, but for right now they sound fine.

Saturday night I went to a party at Craig and Jen's, but I was home by 9 PM and went to bed early. (I was tired.)

Sunday, most of the day was spent taking care of some minor things around the house, plus trying to figure out where Town of Riverhead residents can take construction debris now that there's no landfill to haul junk off to. I also took Dan out in Coram so he could walk door-to-door and talk to some of his constituents.

I procrastinated a bit, but then made some headway on a media strategy that's a couple days overdue for one of my clients. All in all, the weekend was way too short.