Opinion: Do Not Hire Long Island Custom Builders or John Crovello

Given that my blog enjoys rather nice treatment from Google and many of the other search engines, I figured I'd post a PSA. Those who know me well know that I'm currently in contractor hell. I don't want to get into the details here, given that I don't want to weaken my legal position. However, I will say the following:

It is my personal opinion that, should you be approached by someone named John Crovello from a company called Long Island Custom Builders to do any sort of work on your residence, you would be better off running away screaming than hiring him.

I'll say that again, for the benefit of y'all (and for the benefit of greater relevance to key search terms): It is my opinion that hiring John Crovello or a company called Long Island Custom Builders is a bad idea.

In summary, should you ask me, I would recommend emphatically against hiring John Crovello and/or Long Island Custom Builders.

Thank you. This has been a public service announcement.

p.s. - I would not recommend hiring John Crovello or Long Island Custom Builders.

p.p.s. - If you choose not to believe me regarding whether or not to hire John Crovello or Long Island Custom Builders, I recommend you visit the following links:

Suffolk County Department of Consumer Affairs List of 10 Worst Unlicensed Businesses

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