Rain Sucks


So everything is pretty much underwater here in lovely NYC. Long Island is no better. Riverhead (10 minutes east of Wading River) is the record-holder, with nearly 7.5" of rain in the past 48 hours. Getting around is a pain, with subway/train delays and not a single cab to be found. And it doesn't help that I'm getting glares from certain people regarding my choice in umbrellas.

Here's the dealy-o. Several years ago, I went on a cruise with About.com to Halifax and back. While in Halifax, Denise Siedner, Coleen Kuehn and I got caught in the rain, so we ran into this gift shop. The only umbrellas they had were red and white and had Canadian maple leafs on them. So we bought them. Later, I chucked this umbrella in my car and it served as my emergency umbrella for when I'd leave the house without one.

Sure enough, years later, I needed this umbrella and ended up bringing it into the city with me. And it's totally weird how some people think that carrying a Canada-branded umbrella is some sort of political statement. If looks could kill... Let's just say I was reminded of this post from a while back.

On top of all the difficulties getting around, Eric is in flood hell. His basement got flooded and his sump pump quit. So he was out of the office for a few hours yesterday while he tracked down a new pump. This morning, his hot water heater started acting up.

At any moment, we're expecting that huge "Day After Tomorrow" tidal wave to overwhelm us.