Anybody Know These People?

I've been getting calls from a company called The World Trade Group about something they're calling the Global Marketing Executive Summit. It's another one of those shows where you pay a shitload of money to have power meetings with marketing executives. I'm not kidding when I tell you they've called me no less than six times. The first few times, I politely declined. At call #4, I asked them to take me off their list. This morning, when I got call #6, I went ballistic.

They always ask why I'm not interested and I tell them that there's no way I'll pay thousands of dollars for meetings when I can get them for free during Ad Tech, OMMA, the iMedia Summits and the other conferences we participate in. They offer to work with me on the price. I tell them that unless it's free, I'm not interested.

But the calls keep coming. If I get call #7, I think it will be time for another grass-roots SEO effort, if you catch my drift.

BTW, in call #1, these people explained to me that they haven't put on a marketing show before, but feel qualified to do so because of the dozens of other shows they've put on in other industries. Can you say "Johnny-Come-Lately?" I knew you could.