David Lee Roth Will Fail

People who know me well know that I'm a slobbering Van Halen fan. And yes, my collection of MP3s does have a large number of Roth solo tunes. So I dig the guy. But as a replacement for Howard Stern? Roth's schtick is tired. He's no longer an "entertainer." At best, he could be a Vegas nostalgia act. He can't keep folks engaged on radio. Look for him to fall flat on his face.

Or did you forget about this?

Roth also taped a weird promo video titled David Lee Roth's No Holds Bar-B-Que, which featured him dressed up like a sailor and doing karate moves during a luau that featured pirates, dwarves and real martial artists. The video was supposedly Roth's bid to get TV executives to award him his own Osbourne-esque reality show.

Needless to say, no network bit.

He's batshit crazy.