When Buzz Marketing Goes Awry

So this morning when I emerge from Penn Station, there's this guy standing on the sidewalk, dressed all in purple. He's tethered to a large bunch of purple balloons. And he's standing there, staring straight ahead, looking hung over from Halloween excess. As I walk by him, he monotonously offers up "Smirnoff...Grape...Ice...Drink." Obviously, the guy was supposed to be some sort of buzz agent, but the experience was probably unlike what Smirnoff probably intended. Looking as hung over as he did, me and several passers-by gave him a laugh, since it was kind of unclear as to whether he was trying (lamely) to promote some new Smirnoff beverage or simply describing the libation that had done him in the night before.

Doesn't anybody from the agency ever visit the site to see if these guys are doing what they're supposed to?