It's About The Debate

Joseph Chernov of BzzAgent wrote this on the Spin Board:

You have repeatedly asked for others to enlighten you on ways that WOM makes sense. Several posters have replied with opinions and insight. Some of that information complements your argument; some counters it. Yet each time someone challenges your case, you dig your heels in to defend yourself.

So which is it? Do you want to discuss this very interesting subject or just prove yourself "right"?

My response:

Both. That's what this board is all about. Spin writers put an opinion out there and the topic is debated openly on the Spin Board. I'm doing my best to respond to the points as they're coming up, but there's only one of me and several of you. (And pretty soon, my lunch hour will be over and I'll be done posting until I get off the clock at my day job.)

As far as this thread goes, I haven't seen much that would change my opinion. I am keeping an open mind, though.

Of course I'd dig my heels in to defend myself. This isn't Marketing Happy Talk Hour. This is about making an assertion and having a conversation. But the conversation is debate style. Think I'm full of crap? Then challenge my assertions with some citeable facts and thoughts of your own, but don't ask me to stop defending my assertion in the first place. It wouldn't produce any meaningful dialogue if I just rolled over and played dead, right?