PSP Chalk Drawings Just Outside The Office


The PSP chalk drawings Steve Hall mentioned on AdRants are right outside my office door. (Well, right across the street, actually.) Here's a pic. The drawings cover three sides of this facade. Speaking of PSP, I've been playing mine on the train quite a bit. I grab my usual Newsday, read it and then jam out the crossword puzzle and Sudoku, but once I'm done, it's time for games.

Lately, I'm addicted to Hot Shots Golf, Ridge Racer and NAMCO Battle Museum (which is one of those compilation discs with a bunch of old school games on them, like Ms. Pac Man and Dig Dug).

This morning I got a hole-in-one on Hot Shot Golf and the machine went bonkers. Even though I was wearing headphones, the guy next to me heard and gave me a weird look. Guy probably wishes he had one.