Speaking of Subscription Fees...

It's entirely possible that Match.com could represent the best $80 I've ever spent. I signed up a few weeks ago to meet some new single people on Long Island (as opposed to in the city, where almost EVERYBODY is still single). At first, my profile went up and precisely nothing happened. So, of course, two forces immediately went to work:

1) Fragile Male Ego - "Whaddya mean nobody responded to my profile?!?!?!" 2) Overkill: The Principle By Which We Live Our Lives - Danny Losquadro and I say this all the time. Basically, it's what leads us to meet challenges not with a measured response, but with an overwhelming one.

So I sent out approximately 60 e-mails one night to women on the service with similar interests. And then the tidal wave came in. I had two dates weekend before last and three over the Thanksgiving Break. All were very cool people, and although I didn't click romantically with one of them, we still e-mail one another just to talk.

It definitely puts my experience on OKCupid to shame.