iMedia Coming Up

I'm leaving at 7 AM Saturday morning for the iMedia Summit. I hate flying that early in the morning, but this summit promises to be a great one, so I don't mind. Rick Parkhill and his peeps always do a great job. While I'm out there, I'll still have plenty of work to do remotely, but I also look forward to breaking out for a bit to do some geocaching. I'm bringing a few GPS units in case some of the folks at the summit want to join me.

This morning, we got an e-mail from one of the folks running the show, asking what we think the biggest issues facing online marketing are. My biggest one? "Many clients still want to broadcast TO people instead of interacting WITH them." I also cited the notion of an increase of ad dollars in the medium with not enough content to support it (unless, of course, we figure out the revenue model for Citizen Media in the next few months).

(BTW, "Citizen Media" is my new proposed term to replace "Consumer Generated Content," which I hate for several reasons. What do you think?)