Nice Weekend

As far as I'm concerned, snow is really cool only when it snows enough to shut things down. And this last storm certainly did that. I spent most of Saturday working on my quad in preparation for the storm. The battery was dead and not taking a charge, so I ran out to Riverhead Honda and got a new one. While I charged that up, I figured it would be better to be safe than sorry (and out of commission), so I stripped the quad down, got rid of the old gas that was sitting in the tank, put in a new spark plug, and put the machine back together. The machine started right back up after I got the new battery in. The snow didn't start until late, and there wasn't enough on the ground early in the evening to shut the roads down. Craig, Dennis and I didn't get out until after midnight. It was a cold night, but we got in some amazing riding. Craig broke his aging sprocket and had to head back to get another quad, but we still had a great time riding around, blowing donuts on the street and sliding around parking lots, streets and trails.

I even got some riding in Sunday morning. Most of the streets didn't get plowed until this morning, so there was a good deal of fun to be had Sunday. I took a cruise around the neighborhood a couple times. One of the roads in the next development over was unplowed through the entire storm and the quad could barely get through the deep snow, since it was at least 15 inches deep. Thankfully, my tires have some nice paddles on them and I was able to skim over most of the deep drifts without getting too bogged down.

Sunday night I went over to Lauren's. She cooked dinner and since I had the quad in my truck, we took a spin around her block. There were some kids down the block trying to tow a sled with a Yamaha Raptor. We didn't stick around long enough to see if they were successful.

This morning I decided to work from home because the LIRR was so screwed up and I had an early conference call. In a couple minutes, I have to leave for Islip and go pick up my Mom at MacArthur. Hopefully, her flight will make it in on time.