This Man Is Laughing At You


At a recent Washington dinner, our president made light of the fact that our forces in Iraq haven't yet found any weapons of mass destruction.

George W. Bush put together a "coalition of the willing" consisting of forces from nations around the world, coordinated an invasion force under false pretenses and blamed the result on faulty intelligence. Moreover, given all of this, he refuses to admit that the war was unjustified. Now he's making jokes about it.

Take a look at the results of this unscientific Fox News poll. Seems the majority thinks the jokes Bush has made about not finding weapons of mass destruction is perfectly acceptable. But how acceptable is it to families of soldiers who have died or who are still over in Iraq, away from their families?

What show of arrogance and indifference to human suffering will it take for people to realize that this is all a sham and that the "War on Terrorism" is just propaganda that the Bush administration is using to warp public opinion?

Personally, I'm appalled by Bush's callous show of indifference to human suffering.