Men's Weekend in Progress

I'm on the annual trip to Mohegan Sun with Cousin Al, Walt and Matt. Coincidentally, the Larsens are up here as well and I saw Craig and Rich yesterday. Last night, I thought I was down at least $300, but as it turns out, when I got back to my room last night, I found another $125 in chips in my pocket that I somehow lost track of, plus another $100 in cash I didn't know I had. Then I remembered that yesterday before I left I went to Best Buy to get my mom a new PCMCIA card for her laptop so she could get on the wireless network at the house, and I paid for it in cash out of the Mohegan Sun fund. So I'm actually pretty much even.

Been losing a lot of tough hands at blackjack, but I'm fighting my way back. Hopefully, my luck will be better today.

I've got a new pet peeve. The dealers won't let you touch your cell phone to send a quick text message across the casino to your friends, but they freely allow distracted players who don't actually sit down at the table and constantly turn away from the table to talk to friends. I can't tell you how many times the dealer was trying to get the attention of someone who was in the middle of a hand who was turned around, talking to a friend and holding up play. It's an annoying trend. Either come to play or go hang out in the shopping court.