Getting OSX on an Old Mac

Apparently, the G3 PowerMac I bought for $75 from the moving sale downstairs is one of the only machines still in existence that won't boot from a Firewire device AND doesn't offer Target Disk mode. This is exceptionally lame, as now I have to send my OSX DVD to Apple for a set of CDs (please allow approximately six years for shipping and handling). Yes, I tried booting from a Firewire DVD drive. Yes, I tried booting into Target Disk mode anyway. Won't do it.

Either I have to send away for the CDs or I have to somehow find an OEM internal DVD drive that will work with that machine. I think I'd rather send away for the CDs. It's not like I need the machine right away. I was just hoping to wipe it clean, get it set up for e-mail and web browsing and send it over to my grandfather by the time he comes back up from Florida.