Far be it for me to tell someone what their takeaway from my columns should be, but the folks at 180 Solutions seem to have - shall we say - a unique perspective on the Long Tail piece from Tuesday. On their blog, they make a point about partnering with "the right team" for optimization and campaign maintenance, and write commentary that serves as a sales piece for MetricsDirect.

Really, I meant the overview of the workload involved in online advertising to serve as an exclamation point with respect to the work involved in monitoring and participating in conversations across a number of online communities. I wasn't looking to make a point about campaign optimization at all, which is a broadcast-model concept. Think about it - we already have people mired in online campaign data, trying to squeeze every bit of response out of a broadcast campaign. How many folks do we need to dedicate to simply following the conversation? How many more will it require in order to meaningfully participate once those conversations are identified (in a timely manner)? These are the types of questions we should be asking ourselves.

I did get a load of private e-mail on this one, with many folks inquiring about the tools we're building and asking what we envisioned those tools looking like in the near future. But no one was talking broadcast. Except 180 Solutions.